Ways to use COMARCH beacon in wholesale

Inform your trading partners about your current offer and promotions in real time

Imagine that your customers, after entering the warehouse, receive automatic messages - information about current prices, promotions, and availability of specific batches. Using Comarch beacon and your customers’ smartphones, you always share updated business information with your customers! Strengthen the cooperation with your business partners!


Give your business partners more opportunities

Enable an immediate addition of products to the shopping cart and processing of products that the customer is looking at in the warehouse at the moment. Facilitate an automatic payment method, invoicing and shipping of the consignment directly to the location specified by the customer. Reduce the time taken up by the ordering process. Control the credit limit and overdue payments of your business partners!


Connect the real world with the online world and increase your profit

Do you use the B2B sales platform - Comarch ERP Customer Panel, do you sell using an online store or through a trading platform wszystko.pl? Connect the real world with the online world and allow the customers to buy goods directly from their smartphones while they visit the warehouse. Notify them of their ability to trade with you from their homes thanks to e-commerce solutions that you use.


Present fully detailed product information directly on the customers’ smartphone screens

Imagine a situation in which, upon approaching the wares, the customers see on their smartphones its description and detailed specification. They also see the wholesale prices and related or complementary articles. Customers are able to add those articles to the shopping list just by a single click. On the other hand, you automatically prepare the warehouse for the execution of the contract - the customers do not have to wait! You can also enable insight into the entire history of the customers’ purchases.


Comarch beacon will help you improve the operation of your warehouse

Effectively manage your inventory by tracking location of employees, forklift trucks, or your supplies. Optimize distribution of goods in particular zones, thanks to the information as to which of them is the most often reached for. Allocate appropriate warehouse workers to service orders situated nearest desired products. Improve the operation of your business.


Collect new partners and confirm your innovativeness

While organizing or participating in trade fairs have you often wondered how to encourage customers and thus communicate specific information about your business to visitors? Take advantage of the opportunity that Comarch beacon gives you and keep the customers next to your stand informed about products and cooperation terms. Present your products and simplify finding you at the fairs, using the interactive map or navigation that are guided by your sensors - Comarch beacon.


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