Ways to use COMARCH beacon in travel

Identify your high value passengers and make them feel welcome

Using Comarch beacon placed behind the airport security control you can invite the Elite Tier members of your Frequent Flyer Program to the business lounge and offer them exclusive promotions from your airport partners. You can also be sure that the loyalty system will forward information about the passenger's presence together with customer loyalty history to the back-end application or onto Google Glasses operated by the lounge personnel. Now they can individually welcome the passengers and treat them according to their member status.

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Keep your passengers informed and on time

Using the Comarch beacon signal you can estimate where the departing passengers are located and prompt dedicated real-time messages related to the incoming flight on their smartphones. The information will incorporate boarding time, departure time and gate number. For the arriving passengers you can also provide the information which luggage carousel their baggage will come out on and what is the expected waiting time.

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