Ways to use COMARCH beacon in security

Monitor the work of security guards

When there is a need to monitor an access to specific zones within your building, technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy can be very helpful. Place the micro-location sensors in your premises and equip the guards with smartphones with dedicated application installed on. This way the building manager or security manager gets full insight in the work of security agencies and control security level of the entire building. On the other hand, the security staff duties seem to become easier since they don’t have to carry special equipment with them for check outs. What’s more, they don’t have to approach the check points closely as the mobile application detects beacon signal from preconfigured distance. That means that the guards don’t event have to take the smartphones out of their pockets.


Monitor safety of the area around your building

Beacons with built-in accelerometer can act as guards guarding the area around your building. Place them on the fence protecting your premises and they will act as an early warning system in case someone tries to break through. When any fence vibration are detected, the warning signal is immediately sent to the monitoring center enabling rapid intervention on time.

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