Beacon in Services

Invite your customers in and 'beacon' them through your offers and promotions

Comarch beacon micro-location technology opens up completely new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with loyalty program members. Using the Beacon transmitters you can locate the customer and prompt a dedicated real-time message related to the passed products or checkpoints on his or her smartphone. While generating the message, you can exploit all your knowledge about the customer's loyalty status and prior purchasing decisions, so you can not only offer the loyalty program benefits but also suggest products that the customer might like.

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Identify your customers and make them feel distinguished from the crowd

Welcoming the customers and sending them dedicated offers doesn't use up all the possibilities offered by Comarch beacon. You can also forward information about the customer's presence at a particular location to the loyalty back-end application. This part of the system, operated by the store personnel, provides the on-line updated list of program members entering the store, combined with all useful data, like e.g. tier level, current account balance, date of last visit, last purchase details and also customer's on-line response to the offers prompted on a customer mobile at the store.

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Use the Beacons to gamify your customers

Customer's indoor identification combined with a variety of gamification scenarios gives you a great opportunity to define a dedicated engagement path for any given loyalty program member. Engage program members using Beacon technology by facing them with suitable challenges and achieve business goals like cross-selling or enrollment process (member gets member).

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Customer Experience 2.0. with Shopping Mall!

What if all customers that visit a shopping mall would experience a fully personalized communication and get offers that were read in their minds? What if every offer would be tailored to exact customer needs? And of course all communications would go through new channels. It’s not a vision of the future, those features are results of Shopping Mall – a product dedicated to huge shops and shopping malls that can bring every customer experience onto a new level.

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Improve your day at work with the Internet of things concept in food delivery!

Imagine a situation that you (as a company owner) have about 100 employees who every day make an effort to find a deliverer, wait for it and lose time deciding which items from the menu are the most suitable for them. And of course they never know when they can meet the deliverer - who can concentrate if the deliverer can come at any minute?
We create a product using the Internet of things concept that can solve this problem. And even more - let’s illustrate our simple idea for fast-delivery product that can simplify communication between both sides and make the whole interaction fast. Let’s save your time!

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Get Results is a solution dedicated for all kinds of corporations. Save money, save time, be eco and efficient - all in one!

You are starting another meeting and at least a few people are missing? Do you know the value of each minute of each employee that has to wait for others to start the meeting? How many times do you check whether a light in the conference room is switched off? Probably not often. Did you hear that the break time is most efficient if you are able to talk and exchange your ideas with a few people but no more than 10 because this makes the coffee line too long to wait in? Let’s face Get Results - project based on Internet of Things concept.

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Beacon in ERP

"Wszystko" solution

It is the only comprehensive solution available on the market which allows reaching your recipients with customized information in an automated way with the use of Comarch beacon devices and a dedicated mobile application. Owing to its flexibility, it can be used in all industries and business branches – from trade through services to manufacturing.

  • Portal to manage beacons allows each client to create and edit messages, and assign them to specific Comarch beacon devices.
  • Thanks to the free of charge mobile application, your recipients may receive customized messages directly to screens of their smartphones when they are within beacons’ range. The application can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play stores.
  • Data collected by beacons is a key element of Wszystko, they give possibility to analyze information collected in such way and use them for your own business goals.

Encourage the clients to visit your store and just shop

Display specific promotions for products from your Comarch ERP systems directly on your visitors’ smartphones. With Comarch beacon, send specific marketing and promotional content to potential and regular customers. Expand your business range and gain new customers.

Get compact information about the clients - their profiles

Shop’s crew that is well-informed about visitors’ needs is half the battle. With Comarch beacon, store employees will receive information about the customers’ showing up in the store, as well as when they hover near specific products. Examine the history of customers’ purchases and deduce what they may be interested in at the moment. Adapt to specific, personalized customers’ needs and have them taken care of.

Present full detailed product information directly on the customers’ smartphone screens

Let the interested customers get to know all the parameters and specifications of the product on their own. Comarch beacon sends all information that you provide about the product that the customers are interested in, including information about available sizes, colors etc. Pay attention to the related or complementary goods. Suggest purchase of promotional kits or sets. Save your employees’ time for the development of your business.

Simplify and streamline shopping in your store

Enable the customers to quickly insert products into the shopping cart, then checkout and pay directly from the smartphone. With the Comarch beacon technology, the customers have the opportunity with only “one click” to insert the goods into the virtual shopping cart, purchase them and automatically pay for them when crossing the register. The whole process transpires without any interference from third parties, by using the customers’ smartphones. Remember, the rate of passage through the process of purchasing has a real impact on the growth of your customers’ satisfaction.

Simplify navigation throughout the store

Help your customers reach places with the products they're looking for or the products you want to sell at that time. With Comarch beacon and GPS location service, your customers can easily navigate the specific location and find the products they actually need. Make the shopping even faster and easier!

Track and analyze consumer behavior

Find out which products and which areas of the store are most frequently visited, and which are downright avoided by customers. You can check e.g. how many people are in your store at the moment, how many people stopped at the storefront and how many of those entered the store, or you can even track the changing room occupancy. Influence the effective exposure and merchandising in the store and sell the products you want to sell!