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What Comarch beacon offers

Comarch beacon is a small sensor that transmits radio signals to your mobile devices offering information or triggering an action based on a business logic

Contextual intelligence

interacts with mobile applications based on the business needs

Endless possibilities

offers multitude ways of usage for various business and industries

Enriched functionalities

pre-configured to easily integrate and work smoothly with other Comarch products


Real-time interaction

highly personalized communication with customers

Safe & Secure

can’t be copied or hacked due to its thorough authentication

OS agnostic

integrates with iOS, Android and Windows Phone (ongoing)

What is Comarch beacon

Comarch beacon is an innovative solution that allows business to have personalized conversation with customers when they are in a proximity of the business location. It allows two-way communication between the application and the transmitter, and works outdoor as well as indoor. It allows the business users to gain better understanding of any patterns of customers’ behavior. Based on that, a contextually relevant message finds its way to the customers in real-time through a dedicated business application on their mobile devices.

Simple and smooth integration between Comarch beacon and other Comarch solutions opens up completely new opportunities for business expanding its range and gaining new customers.



Comarch beacon fits various industries and business-specific needs

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How does it work

Comarch beacon item, using Bluetooth Low Energy module, sends radio signal to be detected by nearby mobile devices.

Radio signal activates compatible apps on a mobile device so it can respond with proper action.

The action results in yet more close and efficient interaction with users satisfying their needs and monetizing your business.

  • Safe & Secure
  • Work in mesh
  • Quick integration
  • Long lasting

Awesome features

Compliant - it smoothly integrates with any Comarch solutions adding yet more value to your business.

Adjustable - depending on your business logic, a range of radio signal can be adjusted from 0.1m-70m.

Configurable - its parameters, behaviour and ways in which it serves your mobile app can be quickly configured and managed remotely through Comarch Mobile Management Platform.

Real-time control – sensor-based control over different parameters in remote locations (light, temperature, placement) anytime, anywhere.

Secure - unique identifier of each Comarch beacon is authorized by a compatible app upon each communication attempt.

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iphones two

Interested in Comarch beacon?

Beacon smart technology along with Comarch comprehensive solutions can serve any industry and leverage your business profitability.

Our highly skilled developers can build for you any application that implements Beacon into your business logic. You name your needs and we give you a solution that adds extra value to your business.

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Comarch beacon advantages

Let us distinguish your business through Comarch beacon unique features and functionalities

Safe & Secure

deep and thorough authentication of each beacon's signal eliminates forgery

Work in mesh

beacons communicate within a net simplifying their configuration, management and support

OS agnostic

Smoothly integrates with iOS, Android and Windows Phone (ongoing)

Long lasting

BLE, easily replaceable battery and resistible case guarantee long lifetime of each beacon


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