Ways to use COMARCH beacon in healthcare

Digital, centralized and protected information about your patients

Modern hospitals have already started to replace the traditional medical charts at the bedside with digital one. That gives medical personnel the opportunity to use tablets or smartphones to get easy access to patient’s health report. By introducing additional solutions using BLE to this type of system, doctors can automatically receive patient data immediately after the entrance to the room which improves treatment efficiency and eliminates paper work and distribution of medical reports and test results . It can also increase the privacy of the patient, through more restrictive access to patient information.


Easy navigation in medical institutions

One of the most obvious benefits of microlocation technology based on BLE in hospitals transmitters BLE is navigation inside a building or an entire area. GPS indoor navigation doesn’t work properly so beacons can serve the purpose. Placing such small transmitters in the hospital may help employees and visitors to find their way. Proper mobile application installed on a mobile device, upon receiving a signal from beacon, can identify with maximum accuracy at which location the patient is or point one in the right destination location.

Automatic registration for regular patients

Patients who frequently and regularly appear in the hospital for check-ups or treatment to undertake (eg. chemotherapy, dialysis) may benefit from beacon – based technology. Dedicated mobile application may automatically check a patient in the registration system and then provide contextual information such as where a treatment takes place, what is the waiting time and who performs a therapy. At the same time, medical personnel is notified about a new check in and receives a thorough information about a patient, health report and recent treatment data along with further medical prescription.


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