Ways to use COMARCH beacon in e-commerce

Use the power of the Internet to increase sales

Do you sell online? Notify your customers of your offer and promotions that you make available on the Internet. Through the applications installed on smartphones keep your customers updated about news and attractive terms of purchase on the Web. Educate the customers about the possibilities of shopping from their homes - at any time - 24/7. Remind them of this fact each time they visit a store.


Diversify sources of informing the customer about your offer

Do you run sales on the trading platform or through Comarch ERP e-Shop? Do you want to announce new products or promotional sets, which are created directly from your Comarch ERP system? Maybe you are organizing a day of free shipping and you want to get rid of the old stock from the warehouse? Inform customers about your offer on trading platform or e-Shop and promotions which you are actually preparing. Propagate information about the possibility of purchasing from anywhere in the world and at any time directly from Comarch e-commerce solutions.


Launch the possibility of superfast shopping and deliver goods directly to your customer’s home

With Comarch beacon located by each product your customers will be able to add products to the shopping cart and buy them directly using smartphones. Thanks to your service, customers will not have to carry heavy shopping or organize the delivery separately. At the same time they will go through shopping easily and much faster than ever before. Heavy equipment, furniture, or any other commodity will be purchased quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary formalities, with a few clicks on the smartphone screen.


Take care of your image on the internet and quite naturally expand your reach

Your customers will be able to add an opinion on the products offered by you in a real time, as well as about the quality of your service. Let the customers like and share your offer among themselves through integration with Facebook and other social networking sites. Let things happen by themselves!


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