Ways to use COMARCH beacon in finance

Build your Partner Program Based on Comarch beacon

Comarch beacon is a part of Comarch Virtual Marketplace platform and it allows the bank to create a virtual space in which the bank’s business customers can offer products and services to the bank’s retail customers. With the use of beacons and a dedicated mobile app, local businesses can reach the most desirable audience – their prospect regular customers.
A local bicycle service will be happy to offer discounts or free services to customers who live nearby, and thus are more likely to use the services again in the future. Unlike group shopping deals which attract bargain hunters, beacons (via the CRM) target customers who are most likely to become regular customers of a given business – they live or work in the proximity, they have transactions proving the use of similar services in the past or they reveal interests (e.g. in social media) which suggest that they may need these services.

Win the Loyalty of your Bank’s Business Customers

Comarch Virtual Marketplace allows businesses to build their brand by association with the bank’s brand – this means credibility and reliability for the bank’s retail customers.
The bank can provide local shops and services with a powerful sales and marketing tool which does not require from them any technological investments except for a small device – Comarch beacon.

Win the Loyalty of your Bank’s Retail Customers

A dedicated mobile application compatible with beacons selects the deals that match the needs and interests of the bank’s retail customers. Customers who got a mortgage loan will receive offers form furniture and interior decoration stores, the customers who often visit restaurants will get offers form their local eateries and the customers shopping at the mall will be alerted about discounts in the shops that they are passing by.

Provide the Highest Standard of Service at your Bank Branch

Comarch beacon will identify the bank’s VIP clients as soon as they enter the branch office. Beacons will pass this information to the CRM which will alert the employees. Beacons in the branch office can also help to improve the service of key customers, monitor customer traffic, and check whether the marketing materials in the branch are optimally located.

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